What Sets Roof Replacement Apart from Re-Roofing?

If your roof needs fixing, a professional roofing contractor in Portland can help you decide between re-roofing and roof replacement.protland roof repair and replacement contractor

If your roof is old or showing signs of damage, you must act quickly. A knowledgeable Portland roofing contractor can advise you on the best alternatives for repairing your roof, whether via re-roofing or roof replacement. Today, we’ll look at the distinction between re-roofing and roof replacement. Re-roofing Re-roofing is the process of putting fresh … Read more

Portland Roof Repair Warning Signs: Shingles Granular Loss

portland roof repair

Granules are an integral part of asphalt shingles and serve as an additional defense for your roof. However, these granules are susceptible to loosening and shedding due to various weather conditions throughout time, especially during severe storms. Today in our blog, a local Portland roof repair specialist explains what asphalt shingle granules are and how … Read more

Watch Out for These Portland Roof Repair Warning Signs

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A person may have time to hire a roofer to solve their home Portland roof repair needs if a roof problem is quite modest at times. However, there are times when it’s really crucial that a resident’s emergency home repair professional be there ASAP. The problem is that not everyone has the expertise required to … Read more

Portland Roof Repair Tips: Clean Your Roof!

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The majority of people’s mental pictures of housekeeping focus on chores like mowing the lawn and cleaning the kitchen. Even the notion of organizing the garage might occur to you occasionally. But how frequently have you thought about cleaning your roof? You ought to if you want to avoid Portland roof repairs. Despite its importance, … Read more

Roofing Inspection Tips from a Local Scarborough Contractor

Because we’re only a few weeks into summer, it may appear that weather variations are scarce. However, with the summer solstice on June 21st, the sun is now moving backward in the sky by one degree each day. With the days growing shorter again, now is an excellent time to have your roof inspected. If … Read more

Tips for Portland Roof Repairs: Learn More About Your Roof

All homeowners should be aware of a few critical features of their roof. Because each of these factors has a substantial influence on the lifespan and performance of a roof, it is vital to understand and identify them. Regular inspections and repairs (when needed) by a local Portland roof repair contractor, such as Superior Roofing … Read more

Portland Roofing: Roof Repair and Replacement Services

New roofing installation in Portland, ME

For over 15 years, Superior Roofing Company has provided comprehensive Portland roofing installation and roof repair services to Maine residents. We’re committed to providing our local consumers with the best possible roofing services and support. When it comes to protecting your property from the weather, enhancing the attractiveness of your home, and prolonging the usable … Read more

Portland Roofer: Winter Roof Issues

Do you require assistance with your roof? Contact a Portland roofer now!

Nothing compares to a snow-covered house. Unless you’re a Portland roofer who knows how to prevent the most frequent winter roof problems, it might signal both coziness and difficulty for your roof. So, today, we’re going to talk about some of the issues you could encounter throughout the winter months. Fortunately, even though these are … Read more

Portland Roofing Contractor: Residential Roof Shingles

A local Portalnf roofing contractor can help you choose the best shingles for your home.

If you are planning to have a Portland roofing contractor replace your home’s roof, you may be wondering what sort of shingles you should select. When it comes to roof shingles, your local roofing contractor offers a plethora of options. They are available in a variety of shapes, styles, and colors to suit any design … Read more